Berlin – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 12-13 May 2020

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Berlin – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 12-13 May 2020

Conference Name: Berlin – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 12-13 May 2020

Conference Dates: 12-13 May 2020

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Conference Venue: JGH Hauptbahnhof, Berlin, Germany

Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 11 May 2020

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Organising Scholarly Association: Social Science & Humanities Research Association (SSHRA)

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SSHRA President: Associate Prof. Marek Matejun, Department of Management, Faculty of Organization and Management, Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Conference Language: English

Conference Themes: Social Sciences & Humanities

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(Vernacular Session, e.g., European Languages, Arabic, Bahasa, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, will be organised for a minimum of 5 or more participants of a particular language)

(Only English language, full-length, original papers will be considered for publication in conference journals)


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Dr Anna Czyż

PhD, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Faculty of Education, Institute of Special Needs Education

Topic: Individual determinants of coping with stress of hearing impaired

Adjunct professor, audiophonologist: speech therapist, hearing care professional, Surdopedagogue. Psychologist.

Author of monographs and over 50 scientific articles published in Polish and international journals.

The beneficiary of staff exchange programs Charles University in Prague (2015, 2016), University of Barcelona in Spain (2017), University of Lisboa (2018).  Visiting Researcher in North – West University, Republic of South Africa and Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine. Delegate, keynote speaker and session chair of the conference i.a in Bulgaria, Latvia, Thailand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Roma and Prague. The head of national and international projects.

Research interests are concentrated around the problem of development supporting of disabled people, biopsychosocial functioning of persons with hearing impaired especially for alternative and augmentative forms communication. An important part of the scientific work is devoted to the subject of social inclusion of disabled people and early intervention for children with developmental problems.

Subjective determinants of coping with the stress of people with hearing impairment

Social distance towards diversity (in collaboration with Beit-Berl College, Mofet Institute, Israel)

Teachers’ attitude towards idea of inclusive education (in collaboration with North – West University, Edu-Hright Unit, Republic of South Africa)



Dr. Taramol .K.G

Asst. Professor, Manipal University, Dubai, United Emirates Arab

Dr. Taramol.K.G. is currently working with School of Business, Manipal University Dubai as Assistant Professor in Economics. With her 15 years of experience in significant leadership positions and substantial expertise in academic governance and curriculum development, she has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the United Arab Emirates and India. Professor Taramol.K.G has completed her P.hD in Economics from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. she holds M.Phil. degree from Alagappa University, India, Master of Education from Kerala University, Master of Economics from Mahatma Gandhi University, Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management from the South Asian Institute of Management and Technology India. She is the recipient of the 2017 Best faculty Award from The South Indian Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties, India.

Most recently the coordinator of Quality Focus Group and the subject area coordinator, School of Business Manipal University Dubai, Professor Taramol K.G.’s ongoing research interests surround Economics, Entrepreneurship and Education. She has presented more than twenty-five papers in national and international academic conferences, and published papers in internationally ranked journals. Her research paper won the excellent paper award from IIER in 2014.she has won “Best Presentation Award” from ICSMET in 2015, received the ‘Best session paper award’ from BMEAS, Dubai, UAE 2015 and ‘Best presenter Award’ from ICHSSE in 2016.

She is a motivational speaker, conducted several lectures in professional institutes and social institutions on topics like, Be an opportunity Maker, Internet addiction among Children, Personality Development etc.,. She is a member of The Royal Economic Society and Lifetime member of Kerala Economic Association (KEA).



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