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General Terms & Conditions

  • Finish the payment of the registration fee (as per your category) as soon as possible to secure your participation, as only a fixed number of participants are designated for every International Conference.
  • Contact us at convener@eurasiaresearch.info for any queries or information.
  • Conference Committee reserves all the rights to close the registration process before the mentioned deadlines, on completion of the required number of registrations.
  • Delegates will be provided with an official receipt for fee payment along with the participation certificate.
  • As this is an international conference, the general language for communication is English. Separate Technical Sessions may be arranged in other languages like Thai/ Malay/ Persian/ Chinese/ European Languages/ Sinhalese/ Tamil/ Other Languages (if there are 5 or more participants of the same dialect.) Only articles in the English Language are eligible for journal publication. Abstracts in English and other languages will be included in the conference proceedings.
  • You may register for more than 1 paper (eg. 2, 3 or 4 papers). Please visit the registration page of our event website for fee details for the submission of additional papers.
  • Even if your full paper is not yet ready, you may participate in the desired conference with your abstract. The abstract must contain the following:
    • Article Title
    • Full Names/ Emails/ Affiliations of the authors
    • Abstract in 100-300 words
    • 3-7 Keywords

    You may update your submitted abstract/ title/ co-authors/ submit your full paper at a later stage (before the conference).

    The sooner you apply for the conference, the better and more comfortable it will be for both the participant and the organizers. As the conference has limited seats, the submissions received after filling the seats will be declined or deferred.

  • The participant need not hold a certain or specific qualification. i.e., individuals with or without a PhD could present their research papers at this International conference. The Participants are generally a mix of Students, Researchers, Academicians, and Corporate Delegates.
  • Normally the acceptance of papers is responded from the reviewer panel and notified to the authors in 2-3 working days. A fee Invoice is also provided to the applicant along with the acceptance/ invitation letter. Please do the payment of the registration fee as per the invoice as soon as possible to secure your participation, as only a fixed number of participants are designated for any particular International Conference. Conference Committee reserves all the rights to revise the registration fee/ close the registration process before the mentioned deadlines, on completion of the required number of registrations. You do not need to pay any fee at the time of filling the “Online Application Form”. However, after receiving the acceptance/ invitation letter and the fee invoice, you should arrange to submit the registration fee as early as possible.
  • Travel Arrangements: No, we have found from our experience that delegates prefer to make their own independent travel arrangements. In the age of Internet bookings, it is easier and more cost-efficient for you to find the most convenient travel option for yourself. The conference organizers do not provide shuttles from the airport to the conference venue.
  • If you are unsure whether you need a visa to attend the conference, please check with your local embassy or travel agent. If you do, it is essential that you begin the process as soon as possible, in order that you obtain your visa in time for the conference or registration deadline.Please visit this website for information on VISA: http://www.projectvisa.com/. Visa related information is also provided on the conference website.Conference Secretariat will provide you with an official invitation to the conference, which is useful for getting a conference VISA. Eurasia Research will not assist in the VISA process other than the issuance of invitation letters or answering the emails or calls from the embassy for registered participants.In many cases, participants can attend the conference on Tourist/ General Visit VISA. You can also contact a VISA agent in your locality to assist you.
  • You can find all the conference photos on the Facebook Page of Eurasia Research (https://www.facebook.com/eurasiaresearch). Generally, the conference pictures are uploaded to the Facebook page, one day after the completion of the conference. In case you do not want your photos to be uploaded, please inform the conference coordinators not to click your photo and also keep yourself away from the group photo.
  • You can find the most updated information about the conference on the conference website. Any further assistance can be sought at the email address, mentioned on the conference website. We advise all participants to stay updated about the following:
    • Conference Venue Details
    • Registration Fee and Categories
    • Paper/ Abstract Submission Deadline
    • Conference Schedule/ Program
    • Keynote/ Plenary Speakers
  • You may bring your child/ friend/ relative/ colleague with you for accompanying and clicking your photos and videos. If they join us for coffee and lunch they have to pay a nominal fee as mentioned on the registration page, along with your registration fee or on the venue to the conference coordinators.
  • If you would like to propose an organized session, please contact the conference secretariat, including its subject and format along with a minimum of 5 presenters interested in attending the session.

Shipping Policy

The services offered are intangible in nature, no shipping of physical goods is involved in the services offered by us.

Return Policy

Conference and Seminars and Digital services such as publications are consumable services, hence, the return of services offered and executed isn’t possible, but the customers may refer to the Refund/ Cancellation policy for more clarity.

Dispute Resolution

In case of any disputes, the company policies will be referred, and the disputes would be tried to be addressed amicably. A dispute having arisen between the parties concerning, the customers agree that the dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Jaipur courts.

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